Town Talk II
Creole Style Bar-B-Q

 Town Talk II Creole Style Barbeque features meat that is slow    co
oked over mesquite wood and basted with our special        homemade sauce.  Our family recipes have been handed down  for generations and offer a zesty, lively and lavish flavor. 

Creole Style Barbeque is unique and separates itself from other styles of barbeque. Years ago, when the country was young and full of spirit, families in small Louisiana communities would gather for celebrations. At these times, one could always count on a challenge to emerge in a friendly competitive manner. The competitions involved who would cook the best meats, and make the best barbeque sauce. Side dishes were also desired with the best red beans and rice, the best dirty rice, and the best of EVERYTHING.

When creator Burleigh "Papu" Rideau Sr. moved to Phoenix in 1923, from the small community of Rideau, Louisiana, he brought with him the spirit of being the best.  In 1949, he opened the original Town Talk Barbeque, on the corner of 12th Street and Washington.  He cooked in a red brick pit, and made sauce from the family recipe.  The unique blend of the meats, slow cooked over mesquite wood, with the mixture of his special sauce, provided one of the most flavorful meals to be enjoyed anywhere.  That same great taste, with the perfect blend of meats and sauce, has been reborn and can be found at Town Talk II.

3509 N 19th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85015

(602) 234-4745

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"The meat is
a treat,
but the sauce is the boss!"

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